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In May 1998, we put a big bet; to create something different in Naxos, respecting above all the Aegean tradition and culture. So, we rolled up our sleeves and with lots of work, tenacity, creativity and imagination, we created Villa Marandi Suites in Naxos Island, Greece.

You may wonder what the word "Marandi" means.

The name was inspired by our father Konstantinos Kalogeropoulos. At the time he was building the premises that now house the Villa Marandi Suites, he had three newborn granddaughters: Mara, Anthia and Diana. As a pure sign of love and affection for the newborn members of our family, he joined the first syllables of their names and created a new word: "Marandi".

It seemed that no other name could be more appropriate, than the name given spontaneously by the man who put the first stone of this villa in Naxos. So we kept it honorary.

Then a long journey began, that lasts until today and hopefully for many more years to come.

Our main concern is to offer the people that trust Villa Marandi hotel for spending their precious holidays, the best we can. What we would like to find, in the places we visit: quality and aesthetics in harmony with the natural environment and above all a homey feeling.

Every year we try to improve our place and our services, implementing new ideas and we evolve. We feel extremely honoured and truly touched, when our guests tell us that they find in our place "their home away from home..."

Our restaurant was a second bet. With the enthusiasm of an amateur and the love we share for good food, since neither of us is a professional in gastronomy, we created a place that offers homemade food, made from top quality ingredients, with true respect to the Cycladic tradition.

Fortunately for us, Naxos Island is blessed with abundant agriculture, livestock and fisheries. The fresh fish from the fishermen's night catch, local organic meat, the island’s famous cheeses, countless herbs and aromatic plants, olives and olive oil from our ancestral olive groves, ensure the excellent quality of our food preparations.

We choose our partners not only for their knowledge and professional experience, but mainly for their quality of character and their passion for their work.

We warmly welcome you to Villa Marandi Suites, and we ensure you that we will try our best, to meet your high expectations. We hope that we will manage to win "the bet", adding you to our long list of guests, who through the years have evolved to good and precious friends.

We can't wait to meet you...

George Kalogeropoulos - Anna Mavroedes
Villa Marandi Suites in Naxos Island, Greece