Hotels in Naxos on the beach or with sea view
Aerial view of Villa Marandi Naxos Luxury Suites, nestled amidst lush greenery with a backdrop of the crystal-clear turquoise waters of Naxos. The hotel's pristine white buildings stand out against the vibrant Mediterranean landscape, inviting guests to indulge in a luxurious retreat.
Marandi Beach

Villa Marandi Suites is a luxury boutique hotel located in the impressive Stelida Hill also known as Laguna area, in the West coast of Naxos. It is situated on the breathtaking beach of Hohlakas, very close to Naxos Town, Chora, and the island’s most famous beaches and attractions. Laguna is the largest and most important coastal wetland of the Cyclades; it includes the salt marsh of Naxos which is a complex of different habitats that spread over an area of 1000- acres. More than 80 species of plants have been recorded in the surrounding area. In the past, this salt-pan was a coastal wetland that reached directly to the sea, but over the years a dam was built that trapped the waters and today only a ditch connects the fresh waters with the Aegean sea.

It is a very important place for migratory birds since due to the geographical position it is on a very long migration corridor where they find shelter until they continue their long journey. This period covers not only the presence of the most contemporary human beings (Homo sapiens), but also older Palaeolithic humans and Neanderthals, who had already somehow reached Naxos. It is the first time that such an old cultural activity has been confirmed in the Central Aegean, during the Middle Pleistocene period.

Hence, the Laguna area has been -and remains- an area where conditions are ideal for both culture and life to thrive. Τhe aforementioned conditions led to the formation of flora and fauna that cannot be found elsewhere in the world, consisting of rare species of plants, miraculous herbs, while at the same time it constitutes a pole of attraction for rare and endangered birds. It is easy for one to conclude that Laguna has not just been the starting point of today’s culture but also a point of life rebirth and environmental preservation, highlighting the natural way of life. The rich tapestry of the natural world will be protected, preserved and elevated. Laguna Area predates the invention of pottery and metals, since most of the findings are stone tools, dated 270,000 years ago.

Naxos Town: 4.5 km
Airport: 2.5 km
Port: 5 km
Agios Prokopios beach: 1.5 km

Access to Naxos Island
By Ferry
From Athens ( Pireaus Port ):
There are plenty of ferries from Piraeus port to Naxos (Piraeus port is located 45km west from Athens “El.Venizelos” airport and only 10km from the center of Athens).
More specifically, the following  are available on a daily basis:

  • High-speed ferries at 07:00 07:15 and at 16:50 with trip duration 3h30min to 4h.
  • Blue Star ferries at 07:25 and at 17:30 with trip duration 5h and 5min.
  • Additional ferries are available in high season.

For the way back from Naxos to Piraeus:

  • At 11:40, 13:30 and 20:55 High-speed ferry (trip duration 4h).
  • At 09:30 and 18:00 Blue Star Ferry (trip duration 5h 5min).
  • Additional ferries are available in high season.
Hotels in Naxos on the beach or with sea view

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