Activities and Information about Naxos island, Greece

Location: Naxos Island, Greece

Villa Marandi is located in the area of Stelida in Naxos. It is situated on a an almost private beach, very close to Naxos Town and the most famous beaches of the island.

Distances from Villa Marandi Suites

Naxos Town: 4.5km
Airport: 3.0 km
Port: 5.5 km
Agios Prokopios beach: 1.5 km

Activities on the island of Naxos

At the highest mountain of Naxos, god Zeus grew up while at the port of Naxos Theseus left Ariadne, but god Dionysus fell in love and took her with him......

Naxos is the largest island of the Cyclades with a strong presence since the fourth millennium BC. Naxos is full of historical sites, ancient temples, towering castles, Byzantine churches, beautiful villages and breathtaking beaches for all tastes that fill your vacation with images and emotions that only few islands can offer.

Attractions & Tours

Naxos island history is still alive and truly recognizable through a series of attractions that await visitors on a historical journey of unique value and importance.

Begin your journey in history from Naxos Town and the famous Portara which greets you at the port. Portara is the gate to the Temple of Apollo, built in the 6th century BC on the islet Palatia. It is the landmark of the island and is one of the best places to enjoy a perfect sunset. Continue your walk in Naxos Town with its imposing Venetian castle and its meandering streets. Look for the well-preserved Temple of Demeter at the village of Sangri and the temple of god Dionysos at Livadi and of course visit the astounding statues of Kouros in the villages of Apollonas and Melanes. Admire the castles of Plaka, Cheimmarou and Apaleirou built during the Byzantine period; an excellent example of the architecture of that era.

The journey in the history of Naxos continues at the Venetian castles, majestic and imperious that are found in many areas of the island. The castles of Vazaios, Glezos, Bellonias, Gratsias, Markopoliti, Fragopoulos and Varotsos are certainly worth a visit. Do not forget to see the island's churches and monasteries, such as the monastery of Fotodoti Christ, St. Eleftherios, Panagia Drosiani with frescos from the 6th century AD, the church of the Virgin Mary Protothroni and the monastery in the village of Agia. More than 400 churches from the Byzantine period are waiting for you to admire and explore them.

In the museums of the island, you will have the opportunity to see up-close the history of the island through highly interesting exhibits. The Archaeological Museum houses findings dating from the Neolithic period to the early Christian era (5300 BC - 5th century AD). In the Venetian Museum, you will see articles from the Venetian period of Naxos and experience the atmosphere of a bygone era. Also in the village of Apeiranthos operate three museums, the Archaeological, the Folklore and the Natural History Museum, where you can still admire many aspects of the historical, cultural and natural wealth of the island.

The hinterland of Naxos is dotted with more than 45 traditional villages, waiting for you to enjoy the sights and to try their local delicacies. Villages with Cycladic architecture, full of shady trees and quiet nook, many offers for dining and relaxing and of course their own points of historic interest.

Consult the reception staff of Villa Marandi for suggestions and information about any part of the island you wish to visit, the best routes and get to know as much as possible on the beautiful island of Naxos.

You can also request a car, motorbike or bicycle rental, as well as information on boat trips or sailing excursions. Also, you can participate in tours to all nearby Cycladic islands such as Mykonos, Delos, Paros, Santorini and the Small Cyclades.

Jogging & Cycling

The Stelida area where Villa Marandi is located is ideal for running and cycling and will not deprive you of your favourite sports during your holidays. Jog or cycle in the relaxing surroundings of Villa Marandi, surrounded by the scents of thyme and fresh oregano and with the sea breeze refreshing you and keeping you company. The reception staff of Villa Marandi will suggest different routes, depending on the length and difficulty level that you wish.


Summer means swimming and the guests of Villa Marandi have many exciting choices. The swimming pool with the comfortable loungers, the hydromassage and the children's pool as well as the organized with umbrellas and sun beds beach in front of Villa Marandi provide a convenient and relaxing choice.

Naxos is certainly full of beaches of breathtaking beauty. The neighbouring beach of Ag.Procopios, with crystal clear turquoise waters, is considered one of the best beaches in Greece, it is fully organised and has been awarded the blue flag. But also the beaches of Ag. Anna, Plaka, Orkos, Mikri Vigla, Aliko, Agiasos, Apollonas, Moutsouna and many others, will not let you get bored. Villa Marandi is located on the western side of the island, where the best beaches of Naxos are located.

Water Sports

If you want to fill the hours by the sea with the joy and excitement of water sports, then at the neighbouring beaches of Villa Marandi you will find a wide range of water sports services. Two remarkably well organised windsurfing clubs are located at the neighbouring Laguna Beach (1 km), Naxos Surf Club and Flisvos Sports Club, but also in Plaka beach (7 km). Kite surfing is provided at the beach of Mikri Vigla-Orkos, at a distance of 12 km from Villa Marandi Naxos.

Other Activities (hiking, horseback riding, sailing etc.)

In Naxos with the spectacular scenery you can also indulge in other activities that bring you closer to the beauty and natural environment of the island. Consult the reception of Villa Marandi for spectacular walks with a private guide in the hiking paths of Naxos, or riding on a horse in the hinterland and the coastal areas of the island to enjoy unique images and emotions. Participate in one of the organised sailing trips in order to swim at virgin beaches that are accessible only from the sea. Do not forget to visit the cave of Rina and the nearby small Cyclades.